Tim Redman’s Retirement

I was able to attend Dr. Tim Redman’s retirement after 30 years as a Professor of Humanities, Literature and Drama at the University of Texas at Dallas.  Dr. Redman has been active in national and international chess governance during that entire time, and has twice been President of the USCF.  He was the man behind establishing chess scholarships for the University and they have won a number of Pan-American Intercollegiate Championships as a result of his initiative.  He asked me to serve as the Chairman of the Chess Advisory Committee when it was first getting started.  My meeting with the President and Provost were perfunctory, because Tim had done all the work to sell his ideas, before I had even met with them.  I would invite our readers to join me in wishing Tim the very best in his retirement and in telling him “Job Well Done!” 

Jim Eade