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The Mechanics Institute: The Chess room at the Mechanics’ Institute was established in 1854.  The Institute was founded to assist with the development and study of the Mechanical Arts.  It was a pressing need following the gold rush of that time. Chess was considered an integral part of the establishment

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Thanks Tim!

Tim Redman’s Retirement I was able to attend Dr. Tim Redman’s retirement after 30 years as a Professor of Humanities, Literature and Drama at the University of Texas at Dallas.  Dr. Redman has been active in national and international chess governance during that entire time, and has twice been President

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Cairn’s Cup

The Cairns Cup is the strongest female only chess competition in the United States.  The Tournament is named after the maiden name of Jennie Sinquefield the wife of Rex Sinquefield, who has done so much to make St. Louis the Chess Mecca of this country.  Here is a picture of me

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