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Jim Eade Receives Career Outstanding Achievement Award

Jim Eade receives Career Outstanding Achievement Award from the US Chess Federation at Marriott Madison West. James Eade is a past President of CalChess, the Northern California Chess Association, and a long time delegate to the United States Chess Federation (USCF) from Northern California.  The USCF splits California into North

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Arthur Award For Chess Excellence

Arthur Award For Chess Excellence By James Eade The Arthur Award for Chess Excellence, a prize of $1,000, was established in 2020 by the Eade Foundation and was established to memorialize Arthur W. Eade. Arthur W. Eade taught his son, James Eade, the game of chess and bought James his

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Thanks Tim!

Tim Redman’s Retirement I was able to attend Dr. Tim Redman’s retirement after 30 years as a Professor of Humanities, Literature and Drama at the University of Texas at Dallas.  Dr. Redman has been active in national and international chess governance during that entire time, and has twice been President

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Cairn’s Cup

The Cairns Cup is the strongest female only chess competition in the United States.  The Tournament is named after the maiden name of Jennie Sinquefield the wife of Rex Sinquefield, who has done so much to make St. Louis the Chess Mecca of this country.  Here is a picture of me

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