Abhimanyu Mishra becomes youngest IM ever!

Abhimanyu Mishra becomes youngest IM ever!

We have established a new award for Chess Excellence:
This year’s Arthur Award for Chess Excellence is IM Abhimanyu Mishra.  His essay is below.

“I am IM Abhimanyu Mishra who recently broke GM Praggnanandhaa’s world record and became youngest ever International Master in the world chess history.

I was introduced to chess by my father when I was 2 and half. I started playing tournaments at the age of 5.  I have proven track record and holds all youngest records in USA chess history and world chess history.


I got all 3 IM norms playing in Grand Master section of invitational events and am also the youngest to cross 2400 fide rating in the world.

I hold all youngest records in USA chess history also.

  1. Youngest National Expert (7 yr 6 month)
  2. Youngest National Master (9 yr 2 month)

 I also cleared the KCF selection criteria when I was 9 yr old and is associated with them. https://kasparovchessfoundation.org/?p=1082

I am partially home schooled to practice chess for longer hours. I am very hard working passionate ambitious player who wants to become world champion one day.

I am also determined to become Youngest GM in the world (have about 19 months to get that). Chess has taught me everything to have more patience and take better decisions in life.

Following are some other chess accomplishments.

  1. Silver medal in world cadet U08 @ Brazil 2017
  2. Silver medal in Pan American youth U08 @ Costa Rica 2017
  3. Won U08 chess.com online championship by playing one section up. (I was 6 yr old)
  4. Won fighting spirit award in a simul game against Super GM Fabiano Caruana (2nd highest rated player in the world).
  5.  Won against 2630 fide ratted player and many wins against 2500+ fide GMs.

My Plan for Training

If chosen I would like to train for more hours with my current Grand Master coach.

Apart from that I would like to attend the intense chess camps (toughest camps just for IMs/GMs ) by Quality chess academy in Greece.

Along with the above proposed training, I would continue to play in many GM norm round robin events in USA in the first 6 months of 2020.

After that the plan to play many Round robin GM norm events in Europe in the last 6 months of 2020.

Training, entry fee and travel expenses have gone exponentially in that last 4 years and I need financial support to get quality training and play in many closed GM norm events in USA and Europe.

Eade fellowship will help me in a big way to purse my short-term goal of becoming youngest GM in the world.  My plans to aid you in your mission are:

·  Set up a chess club in his school to help other kids pick up this awesome game.

·  After becoming GM, I am going to start his own chess club with my younger sister to promote chess. The prime mission is to help kids/adults develop the awesome hobby of playing this game for the rest of their life and not get addicted to social media/video games (which is one of the biggest issues currently).

·  After becoming GM, I can help Eade foundation in organizing camps for players.


IM Abhimanyu Mishra”