7 time Champion Grandmaster Irina Krush discusses recovery from COVID-19, plays a few live games in video interview with Sasha Starr, Jim Eade and Alexi Shirov

Sasha Starr, joined by Jim Eade, interview special guest Chess Grandmaster Irina Krush, 7 time US Women’s Champion.

In the interview, Irina discusses in detail her ordeal of contracting and beginning to recover from COVID-19. She shares her experience dealing with the lack of answers the medical community were providing, and her discovery of a remedy (Turmeric milk) that helped relieve her symptoms and continues to help her recover.

Sasha, Irina and Jim discuss together a famous Paul Morphy game, called the “Opera Game”, played in 1858 against a pair of players, Karl II Duke of Brunswick and Count Isouard de Vauvenargues while watching an opera in Paris!

GM Alexi Shirov then joins the group, and Sasha and Irina play 3 fun games with lots of kibitzing from Jim and Alexi (Krush won them all).

Then Alexi and Irina play.

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Here is a link to Irina Krush’s post about her recovery
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